Maria Hadden

An Independent, Progressive Leader

Alderwoman Maria Hadden is the first Black, queer woman elected to Chicago City Council. A servant-leader with a background in community organizing and participatory democracy, Maria has become an independent, progressive champion of the people in City Council who advocates for not just her ward, but communities across Chicago. As the representative of the 49th Ward - dubbed, "Little Chicago," because of the racial, ethnic, and economic demographics that most reflect our city's diversity - Maria has excelled at being a true voice for our community. She is focused on creating a vision and plan for Chicago's future and is a voice of reason in City Council.

Focus on the 49th Ward

First and foremost, Alderpersons are our constituents' chief advocates for city services, which is why I spent my first 6-8 months in office focused solely on constituent services. New to the role of Alderwoman, I wanted to ensure my staff had sufficient training to handle your service requests and inquiries.

During my first term, the community identified many priorities for me to improve in our Ward and Chicago. More than three years in, my team and I have shown our devotion to putting the 49th Ward first. We continue to work hard to prioritize our Ward's community and needs while simultaneously tackling city-wide legislative efforts.


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Maria's Priorities

Protecting & Expanding Affordable Housing

Preserving low-income and affordable housing and increasing accessible housing will continue to be vital in maintaining the character of our community.

Safe & Healthy Community

While the national debates on healthcare and gun control continue, we can continue to strengthen the steps we're taking to make our 49th ward community healthier and safer. 

Environmental Justice & Protection

Our environment is key to sustainability and community health. We seek climate action, environmental justice, and green solutions for our ward and city.

Supporting Public Schools

Work at the local level will continue as we increase the pipeline of diverse resources to support our schools afety, address capital improvement needs, and help our teachers and students continue in-person lessons through the pandemic.

Strong Local Economy

I’ll continue to work to keep dollars in our community and support our local businesses and entrepreneurs by bringing in additional resources.

Community Voice & Transparency

Maintaining a healthy democracy isn’t just about what decisions we make, but how we make them. Centering marginalized voices and continuing to work on building a more inclusive structure, remains a priority for me.

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