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Everyone deserves (1) access to affordable and quality healthcare, and (2) to feel safe in their neighborhood. While the national debates on healthcare and gun control continue, there are concrete, immediate steps we can take  to make our communities healthier and safer. Whether it’s starting to address the root causes of violence and public health, or improving our community response to these problems, as a city we have to do better. Our community leaders have a responsibility to set an example and help bring people together. They also have a responsibility to ensure that the budget they approve clearly reflects our priorities by fully funding social services.
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Addressing the Root Causes of Violence

Violence, specifically gun violence, is a public health crisis. The data is clear when it comes to addressing this problem. Investing in communities is the most effective and sustainable way to stem violence. As Alderwoman, I will make sure we are investing in education and job training programs. These, paired with building a strong local economy, have been shown to reduce violence in communities.

Improving Neighborhood Safety

While addressing the root causes of violence is the most important and sustainable solution to these issues, we must also focus on making people feel safe right now. The best way to do this is by working together as a community. We will establish neighborhood block clubs and advocate for the funding of violence interruption organizations like Cure Violence (formerly known as Ceasefire). It also means improving the relationship with local police so we can improve our local crime solve rates and increase accountability.

Community Wellness

As Alderwoman, I will advocate for the Chicago Department of Public Health to prioritize the funding of community agencies in our ward. This includes funding for HIV care and prevention programs, as well as mental health services in our neighborhood. My office will be an information and resource hub for wellness and public health.

Welcoming City Ordinance

All of our residents deserve a safe and healthy city, no matter their immigration status. This means we need to protect all immigrants under Chicago’s sanctuary policy. I am prepared to fight alongside  undocumented Chicagoans, organizations protecting their rights, and the Progressive Reform Caucus to strengthen the municipal code and include these individuals in all policies we pass to promote economic, racial, and social justice.

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